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If you wered looking for one pickup with an original single coil sound or a humbucker sound so far you had to compromise.

The Eybbucker combines an original single coil pickup with a specially calibrated humbucker coil. The result is a full fat humbucker sound with an authentic single coil sound in split mode.

The Eybbucker is available in 2 Versions:


Eyb Vintemporary DC guitar

body: ResoLine, alder with ash top

neck: maple with maple fretboard and "fathead" headstock

Wilkinson VSV tremolo system with TremolNo unit lock tuners

1 Eybbucker and 2 single coil pickups

Megaswitch + mini toggle switch for following options:

humbucker / single coil / middle pickup alone

1 Volume control, 1 Duesenberg* 70° tone control

* Duesenberg is a registered trademark of Dieter Goelsdorf

1. Tilted instalation

2. Replacement


The Eybbucker is also available as a replacement for regular humbucker pickups.